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Update: Fence round open space rejected

Applications to erect two-metre fences round open space in Hill Head have now been rejected by planing officers.

(Details can be found on Fareham Council’s website, ref P/18/0864/LP and P/18/0866/LP)

But the Lib Dems have found that other green spaces could be under threat.

The green north of Springfield Way has been enjoyed by everyone for decades since the estate was built in the 1970s, but two sections of the land were recently sold at auction.

Those sections, though listed as public open space in Fareham’s local plan, were never owned by Fareham Council.

Agents for the applicants said they wanted the fence to prevent vandalism, anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping.

Councillor Jim Forrest says: “I don’t recall any of these issues arising in this space in the 25 years I’ve lived in Hill Head. A fence would destroy the view and prevent lawful use.

“Scores of residents wrote to the Council to say the same, and happily the plans have been quashed.”

But Jim, who is Lib Dem spokesman on planning and development, adds: “This could have worrying implications for Fareham as a whole. I’ve made inquiries and found there are other sites around Fareham where land currently in use as open space is still in private hands."

“I’ve put a question to the Council to ask how many such sites there are and what can be done to protect them.”

Greedy land grab

Developers have published a proposal to build 200 homes on land between the old and new routes of Newgate Lane South.

They say it would “provide a natural extension” to homes proposed east of the new road in Fareham’s Draft Local Plan.

But under that draft Local Plan, the land west of the new road remains part of the strategic gap separating Stubbington from Fareham.

The land on which Fareham Council is proposing to allow up to 475 homes under its revised plan is itself being sliced from the strategic gap as it was agreed under the original Local Plan in 2015.

Stubbington Councillor Jim Forrest - pictured with resident Lesley Davies - says: "The old part of Newgate Lane has just been restored to its country lane character - we’ll fight to keep it that way. This new proposal from developers, on top of what Fareham Council has already suggested, is just plain greedy."

No planning application has yet been submitted for the suggested new homes, but we'll let you know if one appears

The Wallington Village Walk Around.

Once a year the Wallington Village Community Association (WVCA) invites Officers and Councillors from both Fareham Borough Council and Hampshire County Council to a walk around the village.  Many issues from potholes to fences and flooding to tree management are discussed in an informal atmosphere and the officers get the chance to see, at first hand, the problems that affect the daily lives of village residents. 

The picture below shows village committee members, including Councillor Katrina Trott, with council officers discussing drainage and roads in Broadcut, on the border of Wallington village.

Eastern Parade Play Area

Residents who read our regular FOCUS newsletters will know that as well as successfully arguing for a toddler friendly slide at Bath Lane, Councillor Katrina Trott has explained that improvements are also planned for the Eastern Parade children’s play area during the current financial year 2018/19. This is part of the ongoing 5-year programme to refurbish and improve all 43 children’s play areas. 

Overgrown Hedges

Fareham East Councillor Katrina Trott checked resident's complaints about the pathway between Westborn Rd and Westbury path as shown in the photos.

She is now pressing for this overgrown vegetation to be cut back. Hampshire Highways are responsible for the upkeep of roads and footpaths not FBC, so she has asked for this to be passed to them for action. 

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