The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

Fareham Local Election Candidates 2018

Sean Evans- Fareham East

Fareham Council doesn’t need any more Tories.

I am standing for Council because I want to make a positive contribution to Fareham East and its residents as part of the Liberal Democrat Team that has been doing excellent work for the Ward for many years.

I dislike the attitude of the Tory party in Fareham who seem to believe they can safely disregard YOU over vitally important issues like housing, over-development and funding cuts.

I have been talking with residents about such issues as housing for Fareham people, rough sleeping and the homeless, and refuse from drug abusers littering our town.

I have a long record of representing community interests in Fareham and beyond, including my association with the Wyvern Combination Football League involving Fareham and Portchester football teams.

Having worked in Fareham for nearly 30 years, I believe I know the Fareham community very well and am passionate about working with the Liberal Democrat Team to provide a strong opposition to the Tory dominated council.

Alex Brims - Hill Head

I am married with a grown-up daughter and two student stepchildren who are off to university soon. I am employed by the MOD to provide scientific advice. I have lived in Hill Head and Stubbington nearly all my life.

This is a beautiful area and a great place to live, but we must work to keep it this way. There is pressure for large housing developments to be built all around us. I will work to keep the isolation of our village and to keep the green space that separates us from the urban sprawl of Fareham and Gosport.

Stubbington village and Hill Head sea front currently have free parking which is used by many, including young families and elderly residents. It is important we keep these free. I will also work to make sure there is enough appropriate parking for disabled residents.

I am part of the AdLib team that is working all year round, not just at election time, for the residents of Hill Head & Stubbington.

I joined the Liberal Democrats as I was unhappy that the current politicians had stopped working in the interests of the people of this village and country. Some politicians no longer listen or interact with the residents, as they think they know best. I want to listen to the residents, to the issues you have, and help, where I can, make a difference.

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Peter Davison - Locks Heath

I've lived in Fareham for over 40 years and the Libdem values of a fair, free and open society have never been needed more than they are now. Especially in Fareham where the Conservative council have become complacent in their majority position. It's time to give them a shock!

We need councillors who will listen to people's views and then respond to them to get things done. These are two basic things that the current Conservative council have failed to do. That, in a nutshell, is why I am standing as a Libdem and why Fareham needs Lib Dem votes in every ward across the borough.

Gerry Kelly - Portchester East

I am Gerry Kelly, I have lived in Portchester for 9 years. I am a retired Deputy Head Teacher, having spent many years working with children and families in the North West.

I have been a governor at Wicor Primary school for eight years. I was Chair of Governors there for three years and am now the Vice Chairman, During this time I have seen how the education of our children has suffered as a result of cuts in school funding under the Conservative government.

I work within the community. I am a volunteer, Trustee and Vice Chairman of the Portchester Community Association where I have taught an art class for five years. I organise annual art exhibitions at The Hub.

I am a committed Liberal Democrat and was a candidate in Portchester West in 2016. I work alongside Councillors Roger Price and Shaun Cunningham putting residents of Portchester first.

Roger Price - Portchester East

Roger is a long standing resident of Portchester. He is passionate in working for the residents to cut through the red tape of local authorities. He deals with 1000 e mails a month plus numerous telephone calls and keeps residents informed with the regular Portchester “News” newsletter and a calendar with useful numbers.

He is strongly committed to the area having represented Portchester on Fareham Council for 47 years. He has supported many of our local groups with grants from his County Grant fund and can always be seen out and about talking with residents helping them with their individual problems.

Each year he can be seen at the Portchester Gala collecting money outside the entrance gate to support the future Galas. He also gives the address at the Portchester Remembrance Service in the Portchester Precinct each year. He is totally committed to making sure Portchester is always put first.

Jean Kelly - Portchester West

I am a retired head of department and sixth form tutor who has lived in Portchester for nine years. I have always believed in volunteering and was a scout leader and Duke of Edinburgh trainer for ten years, using my knowledge and enthusiasm for young people to help broaden their life experiences.

Since moving to Portchester, I have volunteered to help many local groups. I ran a community choir for five years and have helped with many primary school musical activities. I am a trustee and volunteer at the Portchester Community Association Hub, where I help the art groups, the over fifties PIP group, the craft group and provide "sing for life" activities for the lunch group.

I have always believed in Liberal Democrat policies and will do all I can to translate them into action, representing the people of Portchester West on Fareham Borough Council.

Jim Forrest - Stubbington

I've represented Stubbington for more than 10 years in total, and I was delighted that voters put their trust in me once more in the November by-election that returned me to Fareham Council after a three-year absence. Now I hope residents will give me a full four-year term to continue raising their concerns.

I've worked hard for local people since I came to the area in 1992, campaigning on local issues through the Ad Lib newsletters which Lib Dem volunteeers deliver all year round in Stubbington and Hill Head.

Stubbington faces huge challenges in the next few years, particularly the threat of development in the countryside gap around us. Liberal Democrats have led the way in informing residents about the proposals and giving guidance on how we can oppose them.

I'm committed serving all residents, irrespective of party. As a councillor I've always tried to listen to local people and work with you to achieve the changes you need, rather than push my own ideas or make glib promises which could not be fulfilled.

I have the experience Stubbington needs, including two years as leader of the opposition on the Council. Fareham needs the scrutiny of an effective and thoughtful opposition, and I hope you will enable me to help supply it.

Crofton Liberal Democrats

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Guy Benson - Warsash

I joined the Liberal Democrats after the 2017 general election in the hope that I could make a positive difference to our country's future during a time when it seems that both of the larger parties are becoming increasingly polarised.

On a local level, the Conservatives have maintained an overall majority on the council for nearly 20 years and currently hold around three quarters of the elected councillors. I do not believe it is healthy for democracy for one party to maintain such a large, almost guaranteed, majority on the council for such a long period of time.

Additionally, one of the main reasons that I have decided to stand for these elections to Fareham Borough Council was due to the housing allocation of over 700 homes for Warsash that was included within the Draft Local Plan. As someone who commutes to work nearly every day I see first-hand that our road network simply cannot cope with the additional traffic this development will cause.

Furthermore, our GP surgeries and schools are already close to capacity and this further development will only cause further problems in this respect. While I, as a young person currently trying to get on the property ladder, do recognise the need for additional housing, we cannot simply build more houses on our countryside without simultaneously investing in the necessary infrastructure.

If elected, I pledge to fight the grossly unfair housing allocation for Warsash contained within the local plan and to use my influence on the council in order to do what is right for Warsash if further housing is proposed within the area, this is why I am asking for your support on May 3rd.

Guy is 21 and has lived in Warsash for 12 years, since 2006. He has worked in the financial services industry locally since 2014 alongside obtaining his degree in Accounting from the University of Exeter this summer. Prior to this he obtained A-Levels in Business Studies, Accounting and Economics from Itchen College.

Gillian Underwood - Titchfield

I have been a teacher for 46 years, teaching a wide age range, but the majority of my career was with students experiencing difficulties in learning. I am now a Co-chair of governors at Titchfield Primary School where I also run a lunch time garden club. I sing in a St Peter's choir and am on several committees.

I was born in Hampshire and most of my life I have Iived here and for the last 17 years I have lived in Titchfield.  I enjoy taking my dog for walks, gardening, Pilates, attending lectures and meeting friends. I have been a Liberal Democrat for 53 years, since I was a teenager. I have worked for the party in many minor ways, eg. delivering leaflets, telling etc.

Sophie Foster-Reed - Sarisbury

I'm standing in Sarisbury, to allow the residents a real choice.  The council is dominated by the Conservative Party which are pushing through policies that put residents in poverty, encourage ignorance and conformity.  We need a strong opposition to challenge their poor decisions.

I joined the Liberal Democrats in 2017 as I saw the Conservative party become even more driven to make policy on the hoof to keep power.  Conservative and Labour Party have become more polarised in recent times and I believe a centralised ideological party is in the best interests for the future of our country.

I'm an A-Level Student studying Government and Politics, at Bay House Sixth Form.  I plan to read “Politics and International Relations” at University this autumn; either at Sheffield, Exeter or Southampton, depending on the result of this election.

I believe that everybody should have the opportunity to be supported, with their views taken into account. It is important that we give everyone in our communities the chance to thrive in the area in which they live. I believe we should have a choice in the way that we live and should have an open society that takes on communal responsibilities.

Jim Palmer - Fareham South

Jim Palmer was brought up in Watford, Hertfordshire but has lived for 33 years in Fareham where he and Rowena made their family home. He retired from the Royal Navy in 2010 after serving for 35 years as a Weapon Engineer.  He is a computer systems specialist and now works part time as a computer security consultant.

After leaving the Navy, Jim realised he wanted to give something back to his community and he worked with others to establish the Highlands Hub in Highlands Road, Fareham providing support to the local community.

Jim’s interests include reading and walking and he has had a long term interest in classic cars. 

Rowena Palmer - Fareham West

Rowena Palmer was raised in Portsmouth but has lived in Fareham for almost 40 years and made it her home. Rowena originally trained as a Catering Manager but in recent years worked with Lloyds Bank on the Cheltenham & Gloucester team in their Segensworth Call Centre. She has recently retired.

Rowena has a passion for helping others. She has worked for many years with the Soldiers, Sailors and Air Force Association (SSAFA) providing counselling and support.  She also volunteers at the Highlands Hub community café in Highlands Road, Fareham.

Rowena's interests include sewing, cross-stitch and making teddy bears.

Ben Powell - Fareham North-West

I was six months short of my 18th birthday before I knew anything of a non-Conservative government.  Then I lived through a series of Labour governments. When  my daughter Freya was born in April 2010, it seemed she was heading towards a similar fate. Her formative years would be spent under a Labour government.

Then shortly after her birth, we got a breakthrough, a coalition including the much more sensible Liberal Democrats. But in May 2015, what an horrendous night. We were left high and dry by the very same Tory partners. A smug David Cameron was followed by a loud cry of ‘Cuts, cuts, cuts’ wherever he walked.  I figured it was time to do something about it. The day after the election, I, like 17,000 others, joined the Liberal Democrats. Many more did so after the upheavals of the Referendum and last year's unnecessary and divisive election.

Damned if I will allow my daughter to grow up like I did, in a country where governments only look out for narrow interests. Now standing as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Fareham North-West, I hope that one day Freya will come to me and say, ‘Thank-you daddy for changing our society’.

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