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Setting Up Camp?

A local resident showed us the evidence of some people who had set up a ‘camp’ in the undergrowth of the open land behind the resident’s garden. They had reported noise and nuisance from what appeared to be a group of younger people. The pictures below give an impression of the resulting mess left behind.

Councillor Katrina Trott reported it to the Community Safety Team, local police and the Two Saints outreach officer. PC Graham and Outreach worker Nicole Jones investigated. The youngsters were known to Two Saints and preferred ‘living rough’ rather than being with their parents. They were not homeless. 

The site was cleared away within a few days, much to the relief of the residents.

Homeless in Fareham Conference July 11th

Councillor Katrina Trott says; “I am delighted that FBC's leader has at last arranged a Conference to find a way forward for constructive help for the unfortunate people who sadly sit around our Town Centre, sleep in car park stair wells or camp in The Gillies or various places in Fareham East.”

“Sadly some are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. We do have the Two Saints run hostel at 101 Gosport Road which is shared with Gosport. There are too few beds there and some people choose not to be there, even if there is space.”

“As former Councillor, Dr. Maryam Brady and I have previously called for in Council meetings, there is a need for more Outreach workers to encourage and mentor those suffering from addiction. It is insufferable that the areas around St. Peter and Paul Church and Holy Trinity Church plus other public areas around our Ward and the town, should have residents including schoolchildren witness to drug taking and detritus. Clearing up needles, foil, broken bottles is dangerous!”

“Through conversations with Fareham Citizen's Advice staff I have heard that our MP is arranging a similar Conference with a slightly different remit and invitees on July 13th.”

“Sadly there are too few places where people can stay and be helped to overcome their addiction. There are too few places to live when they are clean. Too few mental health workers. This all comes down to decisions about what and where to spend money!!”

Survey: Stubbington's ageing noticeboards

The Informal noticeboards beside the car park and the library path in Stubbington Green are in need of replacement.

It’s been suggested that they should be replaced by glass-fronted cases, with local key-holders putting up notices and removing out-dated ones.
However this could make it difficult for people who work during the day to post notices.

Replacing notices is quick and easy on the present boards

Another suggested option is latched glass-fronted cases, but this could carry the risk of doors swinging open

The present notice-boards have worked well for more than 20 years, though notices can be affected by weather. A little roof might help prevent this.

The first notice-boards were provided in the 1990s using funds allocated by local Conservative councillors. They were replaced in 2002 with the help of Lib Dem Dorrine Burton-Jenkins, after vandalism to the original ones. Tell us how you’d prefer them renovated - Cllr Jim Forrest and local Lib Dem campaigner Alex Brims pictured have prepared this survey so you can Tell Us Your Views.


Gliding Club Closure at Daedalus

Jim Forrest visits Glider Club

Jim Forrest visits Portsmouth Naval Gliding Club at Daedalus.

Jim raised concerns about the future of Portsmouth Naval Gliding Club at Daedalus. He told councillors: “I welcome the prosperity and employment investment at Daedalus is bringing to Stubbington.

“But I hope commercial flying will not endanger this club which has for so long been a leisure asset, a training opportunity for young aspiring pilots, and a much-loved feature of our seascape.”

Jim Forrest recently had meetings with officials of the club, and with Council officers, to discuss a proposal to end winch-launched glider flights from Daedalus.

The club fears that the increase in costs, and reductions in the number of flights they can offer, might have an impact on their ability to continue at Daedalus.

The club has operated there for around 70 years, and the tradition of gliding at Daedalus stretches back to the earliest days of the former naval air base.

Visit Portsmouth Naval Gliding Club website

MP backs our hospital bus service plea

Councillor Maryam Brady

Fareham Council is looking at options to restore a bus services to the Community Hospital after pressure from Lib Dem councillor Maryam Brady.

And more recently, Fareham MP Suella Fernandes has joined the campaign.

A new triaging system - assessing the urgency of treatment need - means patients who same-day urgent appointments might be able to have them at the hospital if their local surgery cannot offer them.

Maryam pointed out in a question to the Council that people with mobility problems have difficulty getting there.

Fareham's executive member for health responded that the Council would appproach First Bus, who run most services in the Borough, and Hampshire County Council which has the power to subsidise services which bus companies consider unprofitable. However, Hampshire is axing most its subsidies to public transport as part of its huge package of budget cuts.

The executive member also said the council would talk to "relevant contacts at the Fareham Community Hospital" whose services could be better used if bus services were improved.

Now Suella Fernandes MP - recently made a junior minister - says she would support the return of bus services to the hospital.

The hospital had a bus service when it opened, and Lib Dems have always argued that it was withdrawn too soon. The argument that it was underused took no account of the potential for growth in patient numbers.

We will continue to press for a decent public transport service to the hospital so that it can be used by those who most need it.


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