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Stubbington: Bells Lane parking survey

Many residents say driving in Bells Lane between Stubbington Lane and Angelus Close is becoming hazardous because of parked cars.

Some have asked for Funds for yellow lines to be installed, but funds for these have been severely cut, and in any case restrictions might increase pressure on the already scarce parking in the village.

Others have suggested “green” parking on the other side of the road - perforated concrete like that in the car park outside Crofton Court, which allows grass to grow through it and preserve the look of the Recreation Ground. Let us know your views so that we can put forward suggestions which suit as many road users as possible.

Follow this link to take part in our survey.

When cars are parked here, vision is restricted

Matthew speaks for Fareham

Our thanks to Matthew Winnington, who once again proved an excellent candidate in the recent General Election,which saw an increased number of Lib Dem MPs nationally, and an improvement in our standing locally. With the country rightly rejecting the Tories' arrogant and unnecessary demand for an increased majority, another election may not be far away. Matthew remains our Parliamentary spokesman. Below is the message he put to Fareham voters.  
Download Matt's election address below: 
Election address page 1
Election address page 2

Cllr Maryam Brady marches for science

Some girls would ask for a spa break for their Birthday. Maryam wanted to go on a march.

Maryam joined marchers in London to celebrate the role that science plays in each our lives and the need to respect and encourage research that gives up insight into the world.  People who value science have remained silent for far too long in the face of policies that ignore scientific evidence and endanger both human life and the future of our world.​

Lord Stoneham Visit

Fareham Lib Dems were inspired by  a recent visit from Lord Stoneham, Liberal Democrat Chief Whip in the House of Lords.
A key figure in the Lib Dem parliamentary party, he spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of local Lib Dem members and supporters. He shared with us his long-standing experience in politics an d insights into Education, Housing and of course the overriding issue of the day: Brexit.
Lord Stoneham led the challenge in the Lords to Government moves to limit Parliamentary scrutiny of the crucial negotiations on our country's future.
Ben Stoneham has been a Lib Dem Peer since 2011. Born in Kent and educated at Cambridge and Warwick Universities, he spent most of his career in the newspaper industry as Managing Director of a local newspaper company and Operations Director with News International. He has had a strong interest in housing and regeneration,  currently chairing the Housing 21 Group.

Lib Dems are the challengers in Fareham

Results in May's elections for Hampshire County Council showed that the Liberal Democrats are the clear challengers to the Conservatives in Fareham.

Long-established Councillor Roger Price retained his seat in Fareham Portchester with an increased vote, and our candidates came aclear second in every other seat in Fareham with big increases in our vote compared with the last time these seats were fought in 2013.

In Fareham Crofton, Jim Forrest trebled his vote, substantially out-polling many of the councillors actually elected.

See the results here:

All Hampshire.

Fareham Divisions.

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