Brexitometer comes to Fareham

Picture of the Brexitometer, a chart with dots with most people saying Brexit is not going well, not good for jobs or the NHS and that people want a vote on the final deal.

The Brexitometer came to Fareham this weekend, asking local residents: is Brexit is going well, how it will affect Jobs, the NHS and should we have a vote on the final deal.

Lib Dems were joined by Green and Labour activists in a cross party attempt to engage with local residents, discuss the impact of the Brexit and call for a People’s Vote on the final deal. A broad range of views were encountered from wholehearted support to “We’ve already voted”.

A number of leavers declined the opportunity to participate, but of the people who did, a large majority do not think the negotiatons are going well and that we should have a final say on the outcome.

Photo of some of the concerned activists who spent time handing out leaflets during four and a half hours on a bitterly cold day!

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