Why we love EU trade deals

We are part of the EU’s negotiating of trade deals so what is there not to like? The deals are negotiated with the strength of the whole EU economy behind them so they are good deals. Around 65% of our trade already goes through the EU or through good deals negotiated with the EU. If the EU restarts trade talks with the USA as equal economies, we will eventually get a good deal bringing our trade through the EU and EU trade deals up to 80%. The UK as a relative minnow would get a terrible stand alone deal with the USA. 

We lose all of these deals when/if we leave the EU and we will have to renegotiate everything from the beginning taking years. As a stand alone independent country we would have worse deals and would be poorer with LESS money available to fund the NHS and other public services. 

The opposite of the promises made by leave campaigners!

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