How can we agree on anything?

What if the people have changed their mind on Brexit? The majority of opinion polls indicate that the mood has changed in favour of remaining in the EU. But opinion polls have contributed to the mess that we are now in – remember Theresa’s 2017 snap election with the polls predicting a Brexit landslide in her favour? The polls were wrong then so we don’t actually know what the people’s mind is – only what it was.If people haven’t changed their minds fair enough – but how do we know?

If people have changed their minds, what should we do? Would it be fair to force through Brexit anyway, against the new will of the people? Is that democracy? It would certainly cause further division in the country if the majority felt they were being forced to leave the EU against their will.

The only way to bring this divided country together again is a second referendum. How to hold this without the blatant lies, murky money and insidious social media influence which corrupted the first one will be the challenge. We will then at least all be able to agree on something.

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