Let’s beat Climate Emergency together

Fareham Council has unanimously backed a motion put forward by the Liberal Democrats to tackle the Climate Emergency.
The motion, proposed by Stubbington Lib Dem Councillor Jim Forrest, welcomes the Working Party on Climate Change being set up by the Council.
It asks the Working Party to take note of the following aspirations

1. Make the Council’s activities net-zero carbon by 2030
2. Achieve 100% clean energy across the Council’s full range of functions by 2030
3. Ensure that all strategic decisions, budgets and approaches to planning decisions are in line with a shift to zero carbon by 2030.
4. Support and work with the County Council, the Partnership for South Hampshire (PfSH) and voluntary agencies towards making the entire area zero carbon within the same timescale. And convene a Citizens’ Assembly to involve the wider population in the process;
5. Request that the Council and partners take steps to proactively include young people in the process, ensuring that they have a voice in shaping the future;
6. Report on the level of investment in the fossil fuel industry that our pensions plan and other investments have, and review the Council’s investment strategy to give due consideration to climate change impacts in the investment portfolio;
7. Call on the UK Government to provide the powers, resources and help with funding to make this possible, and ask local MPs to do likewise;
8. Consider other actions that could be implemented, including (but not restricted to):
renewable energy generation and storage;
encouraging alternatives to private car use;
providing electric vehicle infrastructure;
increasing the efficiency of buildings, in particular to address fuel poverty;
proactively using local planning powers to accelerate the delivery of net zero carbon new developments and communities.
Jim Forrest said: “The debate was preceded by four eloquent deputations from Fareham residents, and was watched from the public gallery by many more.

“This degree of involvement shows there is a huge desire among the public to help combat the Climate Emergency. The Council must harness the energ,y knowledge and expertise of our residents so that we can work together to save our planet from catastrophe.”

4 thoughts on “Let’s beat Climate Emergency together

  1. Re climate change – this government and Fareham borough council will be going from one disaster to another. Putting off climate change action because of Covid will just lead to another catastrophe down the road. I know times are hard, but the council should be capable of doing more than one thing at a time.

  2. Has FBC set up a Citizens’ Assembly yet to help combat Climate Change? If not, I should be very grateful for the reasons for the procrastination.
    Secondly I should be grateful for contact details for the Working Party members.
    Thank you in anticipation. Sandra Abrams

    • The Climate Change Working Group was tasked to engage with the Greening Campaign, which works through local community groups. That hasn’t happened yet because of the pandemic. But Lib Dems asked at the recent Executive if a start could be made using video-conferencing, and they have agreed to llltry to set that up.

      • The Council has announced that work with the Greening Campaign will start shortly in Titchfield, on the online basis we suggested above. It’s not yet the sort of borough-wide Citizens’ Assembly we believe is necessary, but it’s a good start given the Covid restrictions.

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