Standing With The Community

Market Day in Portchester was (unusually) blessed with fine weather – fine freezing weather.   Market Day in Portchester brings out the community – mostly warm-hearted.

Market Day in Portchester had all the usual traders and the burger van was doing great business.  Market Day in Portchester this last week also had Tory, Labour and Libdems out looking for votes and trying to answer the questions.

Market Day in Portchester was a great day for encounters – like the guy who only came for bargain vegetables but stayed to debate economic policies.  Or the lady asking about policy commitments for dementia sufferers – sadly, a part of the manifesto I couldn’t remember.  And the voter who couldn’t stay long for fear of missing the F3 bus that annoyingly only works on Wednesdays.

Some folk did the rounds and turned up fuming at the lack of answers about trust in politicians.  Some kept their heads down and muttered “No Chance” and a few were exercised by the word Democrat – as if anything about that Referendum in 2016 was a well-informed model of democracy.

Thanks also to the guy who’d just finished cooking the lunch for the senior citizens at he Hub – and took time out to ask about Proportional Representation..

The morning was enriched by the LibDem visitor from Croydon in search of the Post Office (and his long lost love) – and thanks to all the well-wishers and the hot coffee from the man in the van – his bacon baps are a bargain on a frosty morning.

I really have no idea if I helped the voter agonizing about tactical tactics – she seemed already vastly better informed – but I had some great chats and by the time I folded up my table and the Libdems banner I really did feel we were more than ever engaged with the good people of Portchester.

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