Fighting for more trees

Lib Dems called on Fareham Council to plant more trees in the Borough, using part of its large capital reserves rather than adding to the increase in Council Tax.

A one-off spend of £100,000 would enable the Council to plant 500 extra trees, whose benefits would last for generations.

The Council has reserves of  £5,500,000 – more than twice the amount it is obliged to keep in reserve to cover unforeseen changes in spending.

Lib Dems put the proposal for extra trees as an amendment to the Budget for 2020-21, in line with the Council’s recent pledge to fight the Climate Emergency.

Councillor Jim Forrest, said in the Budget debate: “Fareham has won countless Britain in Bloom awards, showing we have one of the finest Grounds teams in the country. We’re asking the Council to give them a little more strength to their elbow, to preserve our planet as well as to beautify our corner of it.”

The Tory majority on the Council voted down the amendment, but Lib Dems will continue to press for environmental and recycling projects to tackle the climate emergency.

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