Off yer bike: Barrie’s story

Like many people lucky enough to have a garden to use during the Coronavirus lockdown period, I accumulated much more garden waste (grass, weeds, etc) than usual. During this time the waste collection service was suspended and the recycling centre closed so when the service restarted I had plenty of garden waste to dispose of.

I have tried composting in the past but have not got sufficient/suitable space.

I looked at buying the green disposable garden waste bags from the council but considered the £40 charge for 25 bags or £10 for 5 bags a bit steep. However, even more off-putting, I am told by FBC that these bags are NOT made of a compostable material and the bags are not recyclable because there are no manufacturers that will recycle it.

Being green in colour does not make them compostable or bio-degradable and disposable means they are emptied of their contents, added to non-recyclable waste, and burned for energy recovery (how much energy can you get from a plastic bag?!).

Taking green garden waste to the recycling centre by car would be an unnecessary journey along with the associated air pollution.

 So I looked at cycling, carrying the garden waste in a small trailer, a mere 15 minute ride from Stubbington to the Grange Road recycling facility.

This time I am thwarted by HCC who state that ‘entering the recycling facility on a bicycle would be considered ‘pedestrian access’ and that this has always been ‘discouraged’ as HWRCs do not have pedestrian accesses. HCC also ask that customers use a vehicle to enter and exit sites safely to help ensure the safety of customers and staff and also to avoid accusations of queue jumping: not forgetting that I am ‘safe’ to cycle on the roads to the facility!

Considering council tax goes to support the recycling facilities, the costs of additional ‘green’ bags and the end product being sold back to us at a profit (no doubt) it seems as though we are being taken for a ride.

Barrie Webb

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  1. Is it not time for Fareham BC to take climate change seriously ? As far as I know there isn’t a particularly pro active committee in existence. However concern for the environment shows up as a recurring subject of concern in many local surveys. Nitrates in soil running into the Meon, accumulating plastic waste, lack of recycling facilities, protection of Meon foreshore for example .

  2. I am aghast to learn that the green bags we have been buying at exorbitant price are not biodegradable or recyclable! If the green bags are not recyclable then why can’t we use black bags? Or why not allow more sacks or better still why not introduce brown bins for garden waste which will take bigger volume and would not strain the backs of the collecting operators.

    Barrie has a good point. It is a disgrace that he was being green and was not allowed in to the Household Recycling Amenities.

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