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Few communities have not lost souls to Covid-19. Here in Fareham, with only 100 deaths, it seems that we are escaping lightly – leastways, so far. But each of those 100 deaths is a tragedy for families and friends, neighbours, work colleagues, carers, the nurses, doctors and emergency crews racing to rescue.

And for every one of the 100 for whom we grieve, hundreds of our local people are now caught up in their struggles to recover – some, perhaps, only mildly affected but others feeling as if they’ve endured six rounds in the ring with a champion boxer. Their families and our entire community have taken a massive knock. Even for those not directly touched by the virus, the pandemic’s ripples are impacting on jobs, on how we live and how our children will learn.

The wider world has no better news – anguish and despair on all sides. We may despair but cannot ignore. Through the gloom we wonder what we can do, how can we plan, how can we lift our sights to any brighter future? We are not for giving up. We have work to do. We must think again. It is not too late.

So, Do It Now

When You Are Dying It Is Too Late

To plant that tree,

To eat less meat, more fruit & veg,

To help your neighbour,

To cycle more than motor,

To vote for reform,

To teach your children’s children

To learn

When you are dying it is too late

To grow more flowers,

To burn less wood,

To make great art,

To give, to hope, to share, invest,

To never be remembered for saving the planet.

When you are dead it is far too late

To say, sorry.

So, do it now, please.

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