Cycle pathology

Local councils have put in temporary schemes to improve walking and cycling safety in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

They are bidding for funds for more projects.

In the longer term, we need high-quality permanent improvements to encourage a shift away from unnecessary, polluting car journeys to healthier walking and cycling.

The Government recently announced funds would be made available to encourage such projects.

But as this well-researched paper by Fareham Liberal Democrat and international tri-athlete David Abrams shows, none of Fareham’s current cycle routes would qualify for funding. On Your Bikes.

David is engaging with Council officers and the cycling charity Sustrans to seek better solutions.

1 thought on “Cycle pathology

  1. ‘On Your Bikes’ illustrates the lack of bold, imaginative, thinking that pervades many local governments who seem deeply unsure of their authority. Even with a green light embedded in the funding rules, the over-cautious, timid, ‘lets-not-go-there’, restraint dominates. But is that a surprise? After a decade of demotion to the role of Agency for Austerity the quiet compliance cancels creativity. Cycling (or recycling, or library expansion), there’s a word for being cautious.

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