What car?

I’m in a bind. My car, a 1.6 diesel has done 216,000 miles and does 65 mpg. Great for CO2 and cost, but diesels have to go and surely mine will fail at some point. But what to replace it with?

I have just investigated the brand new Toyota Yaris self charging hybrid. Toyota claims an mpg between 59 and 65. Where is the climate emergency breakthrough?

When will the powers that be take the planet seriously? How is it that a brand new hybrid is no more fuel efficient than my 12 year old car?

In fact, the Yaris has an engine that is more powerful than mine – what for? The manufacturers know that for 80% of the time a car generally uses less than 20% of its engine’s power.

Surely the trick is to have as small an engine as possible (consistent with efficiency) that will allow the car to cruise at 70 mph and still be able to keep the batteries topped up. An 800cc twin cylinder engine would do the job nicely and be able to use the stored battery energy for acceleration when required.

When hydrogen technology is rolled out, the little petrol engine can be replaced with a fuel cell. All that is needed to make this happen is some government strategy and direction which is sadly lacking.

What if the government rules were that cars had to do 80 mpg (or electrical equivalent) by 2030 and 100mpg by 2040. This would rapidly reduce the fossil fuel use of transport until it can be CO2 free at some point.

Simply banning the sale of new diesel and petrol cars will have the effect of keeping lots of old cars on the road for longer. It puts the personal transport eggs in the one basket of battery cars, relying on some future magical technology breakthrough to make them workable.

China effectively controls the supply of lithium batteries. Does anyone think this is a good idea? Where do I look for a new car? By the way, I have no off street parking so charging an electric car at home is not possible. Open to suggestions.


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