Jean’s victory boosts our team

Fareham Liberal Democrats’ team on the Borough Council is stronger after Thursday’s local elections, with Jean Kelly taking back the Portchester East seat from the independent group. The result makes the Lib Dems once more the main opposition group on the Council.

Jean Kelly

Our two sitting councillors who were defending their seats were safely returned – Roger Price retained his Portchester seat on Hampshire County Council, and Katrina Trott kept hers on Fareham Council. (Roger Price and Gerry Kelly are our other two sitting Fareham councillors for Portchester East.)

All of our other candidates increased the Lib Dem vote compared with 2016, the last time these particular seats were contested. (Councillors are elected for a four-year term, with half the council normally up for election every two years – this year’s elections were postponed from the 2020 cycle.)

Follow the links below for the results on Fareham Council’s website.

Fareham Borough Council

Hampshire County Council

Police Commissioner – first count

Police Commissioner – second count

Below are details of all the Liberal Democrat candidates.

Hampshire County Council

Fareham Crofton
Jimmy Roberts
Fareham Titchfield
David Leonard
Fareham Portchester
Roger Price
Fareham Town*
Ciaran Urry-Tuttiett
Paul Whittle
Fareham Sarisbury
John Hughes
Fareham Warsash
Jim Palmer
*Fareham Town has two County Council seats, so residents will have two votes

Police Commisioner

Hampshire Police Commissioner
Richard Murphy

Hope for Hampshire – the Lib Dem county manifesto

Fareham Borough Council

Fareham East
Katrina Trott
Jimmy Roberts
Hill Head
David Hamilton
Fareham South
James Fowler
Portchester East
Jean Kelly
Justin Grimley
Portchester West
Ashley Brown
Jim Palmer
Fareham North
Ciaran Urry-Tuttiett
Peter Davison
Fareham North West
Dominic Wong
Fareham West
Rowena Palmer
Park Gate
Graham Everdell
Locks Heath
Darren Alderson-Hall
Titchfield Common
Sandra Abrams

Vision for Fareham