Green policies? It’s what we do

As this autumn’s Climate Change conference in Glasgow approaches, politicians of all shades are eagerly parading green credentials. It’s worth remembering what Lib Dems DID for the environment during the Coalition Government of 2010-2015.

(And what we have done and continue to do in Fareham, as set our in our Climate Emergency pages.)

As partners in the Coalition Government:

Lib Dems led a massive increase in renewable electricity in the UK – trebling output.

That included campaigning for offshore wind farms and the creation of a new East coast industry when Tories claimed it ‘wouldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding’.  Johnson was campaigning for shale oil fracking at the time.

 Lib Dems secured a major EU-wide agreement for new climate change targets for 2030 in October 2014, and we led the EU’s Green Growth group.

Lib Dems reformed competition of the UK’s retail energy suppliers, increasing the number of suppliers, delivering better deals for customers and offsetting the worst aspects of energy privatisation.

Lib Dems created the first Community Energy Strategy – and forced private sector landlords to bring properties up to a minimum energy efficiency level.  Against Tory opposition we promoted initiatives on district heating, water source heat pumps, tidal lagoons – and, against the odds, we ensured the Capital market was technology Neutral to encourage fresh ideas around electricity generation and storage.

Lib Dems developed policies on energy diversification and security, and reduced EU dependence on imports from Russia – still not enough, but they really appreciated our heft.

And, if Hinkley Point C nuclear power is ever completed, it will be a lot cheaper than the Tory plan – simply because we were in charge of the negotiations.  The cost of future decommissioning was included and the risks of cost overruns, delays and non-completion were all transferred to EDF.  If HPC isn’t completed, we don’t pay a penny. 

And the Minister overseeing all these initiatives? None other than the man who is now our Party Leader – Ed Davey

By contrast, when David Cameron’s Tories governed on their own after 2015, they couldn’t wait to, in their own words “get rid of the green crap”.

For real action on the Climate Emergency, vote LibDem. It’s what others say – it’s what we do

If, between 2012-2015 the Liberal Democrats had not been engaged on the climate case, the crisis we now face would have been far more severe.  So, celebrate the wisdom and energy we delivered.  Campaign now to get back to tackling the climate crisis. 

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