Christmas cheer and a spring in our step

The stunning Lib Dem win in North Shropshire is a ray of light to lighten the darkest days.

We may not have the weather for dancing in the streets, but today the nation breathes a collective sigh of relief. The outstanding result in was far more than optimists and wishful thinkers might have expected.  It was, at last, some small restoration of trust in the good sense of ordinary people – even those who had in 2016 believed in the lies and mis-directions of Brexit. In the darkest days of yet another dark and depressing year, Helen Morgan’s election is an early Christmas present. 

Helen Morgan MP

The responsibility thrust upon North Shropshire voters was not simply to respond to the errors and misdemeanours of their own disgraced MP, nor to express disquiet over the prevailing ruling arrogance .

It was to reflect the needs of an entire nation crying out for competent government, a restoration of trust in democracy and in the rule of law. And those voters resoundingly met that wish.

But not all Christmas wish lists will be satisfied.  Not all family Christmas gatherings will be so jolly.  The realities cut deep and the roads to recovery will not be straight forward.  But today’s ray of good-sense light will fuel and renew our determination to reach for better futures.  The electoral odds may seem impossible but, even here in Fareham, we will be able to face future tests with a spring in our step.

Competent leadership and honest government is worth fighting for.  Thanks, then, to the voters of North Shropshire for reminding us.

And here are some figures to ponder:

December 2019 election, share of the vote:

North Shropshire:

Tory: 63%; Labour 22%; Lib Dem 10%; Green and other 5%


Tory 64%; Labour 18%; Lib Dem 14%; Green 4%

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