European Court of Human Rights

Suella Braverman – our local MP and would-be PM – is calling for the UK to leave the European Convention on Human Rights.

That would follow the lead of Putin’s Russia in leaving the Convention, which was largely a British creation to begin with. It was advocated by Winston Churchill and co-written by Conservative MP David Maxwell Fyfe. The UK was the very first country to ratify it more than 70 years ago – back in the day when we still enjoyed a fair degree of international respect.

As Liberal Democrats, we believe that the UK’s full participation in the Convention is a crucial part of our commitment to protect, defend and promote human rights internationally. Leaving it would embolden oppressive regimes and further diminish Britain’s positive role in Europe and around the world.

Liberal Democrats supported the Human Rights Act when it was passed and have continued to champion it ever since. When we were in government, we successfully defended it against the Conservative Party, which had pledged in its manifesto for the 2010 General Election to replace it.

Dominic Raab is currently pushing through a Bill to repeal the Human Rights Act, which incorporates the Convention into UK law and empowers individuals to enforce their rights in domestic courts. But we are fighting to stop him. 

Liberal Democrats will always defend individuals’ abilities to challenge the
Government in court and uphold their rights.

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