Phew! What a lot of shockers

A record-breaking heatwave brings home to us how urgent the fight against Climate Emergency is – yet Tory contenders to be the next Prime Minister had to be pushed to honour Britain’s commitments to combat global warming.

Squabbling while Europe burns

It’s only after pressure from Cop 26 chairman Alok Sharma that all of the four candidates left in the race today (Tuesday) backed the Government’s target of reaching net zero emissions by 2050.

Fareham’s MP Suella Braverman – now eliminated – had launched her campaign with a pledge to scrap the target.

Kemi Badenoch – whose gain in votes seems to have come mainly from Mrs Braverman’s supporters – finally agreed to honour the target after Mr Sharma said he might resign if a Tory leader did not back net-zero. She had previously likened the target to “unilateral economic disarmament”.

Other now-eliminated candidates had suggested the economic downturn had made green energy commitments unaffordable.

With wildfires sweeping large areas of Europe, America and China, rail transport at a standstill and thousands of heat-related deaths forecast, it was shocking to see so many current and former senior ministers squabbling over who was the least “woke” or the most Brexity instead of addressing a crisis that threatens our very future.

By contrast, it’s worth remembering that many of the policies to move to more sustainable energy sources were introduced by Ed Davey – now the Lib Dem leader – when he was Energy Secretary in the Coalition Government.

And in Fareham, Lib Dems have led the way in fighting global warming, and continue to do so through our Climate Emergency forum.

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