Not just Covid and Johnson

If you wanted to live in a prosperous and compassionate UK, you would probably not want to start from where we are today. Forget Boris Johnson and Covid, things were in a mess even before those major problems.

At that time, after the first 10 years of Conservative rule, the NHS, Social Care, the Police, the Justice system, Schools and Education, in fact every public service was in a worse state than when they took over in 2010.

During the Covid period things have continued to decline. Facing the same global problem, we have fared worse than other major countries in relation to growth and inflation, let alone having the worst Covid death rates in Europe. And despite what you hear, several countries had better vaccine roll outs than we did. So it’s not the problems we have faced, it’s how badly the Tories have managed them.

Every group of people in the country, except the richest few percent, are worse off now than they were 12 years ago.

So let nobody say there have been lots of problems and no other government would have done any better. The evidence suggests ANYBODY else would have done better.

The latest illustration? Asda cafés offering £1 meals to under 16’s to alleviate “holiday hunger”. How far have we fallen in the last 12 years when a supermarket offers to keep our children fed?
This is the shameful reality after 12 years of Conservative rule.

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