Always Voted Conservative?

It’s not the same party it used to be!

  • Leading Tory moderate MPs have been thrown out of the party.
  • Other moderates such as Amber Rudd, Rory Stewart and Jo Johnson are standing down.
  • Five Tory MPs have joined the LibDems.
  • Famous former Tory MPs including Michael Heseltine and Times columnist Matthew Parris have voted LibDem already or plan to.
  • The Tory Party has been infiltrated by former UKIP members.
  • Boris Johnson planned a crash out Brexit and was only stopped because he didn’t have a majority – if he now gets a majority we will be back in that position in a year’s time. Boris’s ‘deal’ is only the Withdrawal Agreement, believe it or not that is the easy part. The Trade Agreement with the EU will be much harder.
  • If the Tories win a majority the Brexit fiasco will continue.

no-deal Brexit will stay on the table if the Conservatives win the general electionMichael Gove says, admitting the UK could still crash out of the EU without a trade deal. Asked if a no-deal remained a threat at the end of 2020 – when the brief transition period will finish – Boris Johnson’s key ally replied: “It’s always the case that we need to prepare for every eventuality.” The admission will fuel criticism that leaving the EU’s political structures with the prime minister’s deal, at the end of January, leaves open the “trapdoor” of losing all economic and security ties less than a year later.” – The Independent

Far from ‘Getting Brexit Done’ we will have a continuation of the situation for at least another year, probably followed by another extension or a crash out No Deal Brexit.

and locally?

Fareham is used to having moderate Tory MPs (Peter Lloyd and Mark Hoban).  Our current MP is more extreme when it comes to the EU, being a member of the ERG, having voted against Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal three times and having said that she is in favour of a No Deal Brexit.

Neither Boris Johnson nor Jeremy Corbyn deserve to win.

This time Vote Matthew Winnington,

 Liberal Democrat.

Suella – Our ‘Militant’ MP

Suella Braverman is a senior member of the European Research Group, led by Jacob Rees-Mogg, who are pushing for us to leave without a deal, a crash out Brexit. A Tory Minister, Richard Harrington MP, has called ERG members “traitors” saying they should quit and join Nigel Farage’s party instead.  ERG do seem to be the Tory’s version of Militant or Momentum – a party within a party.

In the 2016 advisory referendum more people voted to Leave than to Remain but the margin was small, less than 4%. The withdrawal agreement that Mrs May’s Tory government has reached with the EU is quite extreme enough in that it means we withdraw from the Single Market and the Customs Union – definitively leaving the EU – but it is not extreme enough for our MP.

Suella with Jacob Rees-Mogg

Suella now chooses to believe that we should accept the most extreme version of Brexit. However we don’t have to guess what the electorate meant by ‘Leave’ because they were asked shortly afterwards (July 2016) – and two thirds said the highest priority was staying in the Single Market.

Our Tory MEP, Dan Hannan, said during the campaign that “Absolutely nobody is talking about threatening our place in the Single Market”

Suella held a 2nd Q&A session on Brexit on 1st March after being mocked (by Jennifer Saunders amongst others) over her first Q&A. The event was heavily stage managed and the  questions were screened beforehand.

We were reassured that under a No Deal Brexit there would be no problem with medicines despite a questioner having been told by a pharmacist and a doctor that supply couldn’t be guaranteed.

We were told that it was too difficult to come up with a question for a referendum on the results of the Brexit negotiations.

No questions were taken on Brexiteers assurances during the referendum that a free trade agreement with the EU would be “the easiest in history”, that “we hold all the cards” or that “there will be no downside to Brexit, only a considerable upside”.

No questions were taken on the fines meted out to organisations that campaigned for Leave 

The meeting was mostly polite although some booed or cried ‘shame’ when Suella referred to the BBC as the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation.