Liberal Democrat Influence contributes to Fareham Council’s Executive decision

Early in 2017, then Cllr. Dr Maryam Brady and Cllr. Katrina Trott stated in their Spring FOCUS leaflet :

“Just one Outreach Worker currently operates in Fareham on Mondays only, (on Tuesdays she works in Gosport). We believe his is not sufficient for the needs of the borough’s homeless and vulnerable. We are pressing the council to budget for a further 9 hours outreach work in Fareham.

Sadly, council budget pressures meant that the much needed extra hours for a ‘Two Saints’ Outreach Worker did not materialise, not helped by Tory led Hampshire County Council imposing a £2m reduction in the Adult Health and Care budget for Social Inclusion services, effective from this year, 2019.

Speaking at Fareham Council’s Executive meeting on April 1st, Katrina commented on how the Flexible Homelessness Support Grant from Central Government will be used. Katrina has been in regular discussions with Housing officers and was aware that Senior officers have been working in partnership with HCC to establish an acceptable core service for social inclusion services in Fareham.

Welcoming the proposal that ‘Two Saints’ will receive £40,000 from the grant, which will enable more Outreach Worker hours specifically for Fareham, Katrina said, “Extra Street Outreach resource will be particularly welcome which, you may recall, ex-Councillor Dr. Maryam Brady and I argued for on several occasions.”

Double Yellow Lines…..…

At long last, after many, many months of negotiation
(nagging) of Hampshire Highways Katrina has managed to
have the short stretch of double yellow lines reinstated on
the bend in Furzehall Avenue.
They were removed when contractors dug the road up and
not repainted after work was completed. 
We have seen a great deal of inconsiderate parking on this
difficult bend. This should now stop.

…….and a Pothole !

When Katrina enquired about the developing pothole at the
foot of North Hill, a Hampshire Highways officer reported
that; “…..the programme date for this repair will be ‘chased’
as the job is with our contractors”.
We wait with bated breath for a result !

M27 Upgrade – Vegetation Clearance.

Several residents have contacted Katrina, concerned about Highways England’s preparatory work in advance of the M27 upgrade works.

They intend to carry out vegetation clearance along the scheme during the first two weeks of April.

Residents are concerned that vegetation removal should not be taking place after the end of March, during the bird nesting season.
I have already made my views known to Highways England and hope that you can do so too. If you agree, why not also contact them, upping the pressure to halt this work during the bird nesting season:

Sent: Monday, April 1, 2019 13:34

To: Trott, Cllr. Mrs K

Subject: Highways England response – Vegetation works impact on wildlife – Ref 19043452

Dear Councillor Trott

Thank you for your email dated 1 April 2019, within which you raise your concerns relating to vegetation clearance works and the effects this may have on nesting birds.

I have investigated your query and discussed this issue with the environmental manager for the M27 smart motorway scheme. She has given the assurance that these vegetation clearances aren’t in breach of the Wildlife and Countryside Act (WCA), and that every measure is taken to ensure the safety of local wildlife.

Although it is best to avoid vegetation clearances around the nesting season, these are works that need to be undertaken.  To eliminate the possibility of nests being destroyed, we have an Ecologist on site for the entirety of the clearance works.

The Ecologist is on site to perform hand checks, and to put exclusion zones in place should we find any birds or nests.

I hope I have sufficiently answered your query, however if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us again on the contact details below

Kind regards

Peter Hutchinson Smart Motorways Business Administrator

Highways England | 2 Colmore Square | Birmingham | B4 6BN

Tel: 0300 123 5000 (Customer Contact Centre)