Why we love EU trade deals

We are part of the EU’s negotiating of trade deals so what is there not to like? The deals are negotiated with the strength of the whole EU economy behind them so they are good deals. Around 65% of our trade already goes through the EU or through good deals negotiated with the EU. If the EU restarts trade talks with the USA as equal economies, we will eventually get a good deal bringing our trade through the EU and EU trade deals up to 80%. The UK as a relative minnow would get a terrible stand alone deal with the USA. 

We lose all of these deals when/if we leave the EU and we will have to renegotiate everything from the beginning taking years. As a stand alone independent country we would have worse deals and would be poorer with LESS money available to fund the NHS and other public services. 

The opposite of the promises made by leave campaigners!

Shameful Suella!

Suella’s second Q&A session on Brexit was shameful!  I had expected a grown up, balanced review of Brexit in keeping with the closeness of the referendum vote.  Instead we were lambasted with a torrent of ERG propaganda which could be summarised as “It’ll be alright on the night”.  I am afraid this is no longer good enough from our MP as this just emphasises the split in the whole country because it dismisses almost half the population.  This superficial populist view was loudly applauded by most of the audience even as she highlighted the dangers of populist movements in Europe!

The government’s own analysis that any Brexit is bad for the economy was simply denied.  This may be valid provided some evidence and analysis is offered in support of the denial.  Is she claiming that projections by the Government, the Treasury, the OBR, the Bank of England, the IFS, the World Bank and even the US treasury are ALL wrong?  If so, it needs some justification. How is she allowed to get away with this?

Attendees coming to the meeting were asked to submit any questions beforehand and then some would be selected to be asked at the meeting.  Questions selected included “When will remainer MPs stop prevaricating?” and “Is the ERG putting its own interests ahead of the country’s?”.  Hardly challenging and almost as if she had selected them herself!  Questions on the economy and world trade, the Northern Ireland backstop were simply not selected.

My (and your) taxes are paying Suella’s salary. I would like our representative to THINK and not simply spout leave propaganda. I want to know the impact of this key decision on myself, my children and my country.  This session failed to deliver.