New threat to the transport-poor

Hampshire may stop providing taxi vouchers as an altermative to bus passes.

It’s one of a series of measures being considered to meet a huge deficit in the County Council’s budget.

This could hit elderly and chronically sick people who don’t have easy access to a bus route, and depend on taxis to get to hospiatals and other medical appointments.

A consultation on Hampshire’s bus service plan is running until July 23. Have your say here.

New Year, New Hope

Welcome to 2022 and congratulations on surviving 2021. It is time to cast off the gloom, to count our blessings and raise a cheer to the New Year.

Spot the year

So firstly, congratulations on your survival, whether from the raging virus or from privations brought on so many by an incompetent and uncaring Government..

And let’s reflect that the year ended with a brilliant test of the public determination to fight back – leastways in North Shropshire.

The Covid-induced upsurge in local neighbourliness, heightened awareness of climate challenges, the revulsion at exposure of past poor sewage management, the growth of foodbanks and charity work to protect those struggling to survive Tory capitalist visions, and concerns for their further privatisation of healthcare services – all these add up to a determination to re-evaluate the contribution of local councillors.

And, the really good news?

2022 brings no shortage of opportunities to change the way we care for local people, their wellbeing, their work, and their environment.  Liberal Democrats are not for giving in to  bullies – we demand better, we urge kindness.  Your contribution to the effort will be appreciated.

Climate action plans take shape

Fareham’s plans to fight the Climate Emergency were outlined at a recent meeting of the Climate Change Scrutiny Panel.

See a sketch of them here, and we’ll pass on further details as they emerge.

Interesting that one idea being explored is to power Council vehicles with fuel derived from vegetable oil – Fareham Lib Dems tried several years ago to interest the Council in a local farmer’s proposal to set up a plant to generate energy from waste vegetable matter.