Food-Bank Fareham

Rapid growth of Fareham’s Food Banks: a stark measure of warped economic priorities.

Long considered an affluent area, Fareham now has eight Food Banks serving people and families in need.  Local data shows that referrals are seven times higher than a year ago. *  

Community charity is commendable but, as essential costs spiral upwards, the capacity for giving shrinks.  The results of two decades of under-investment and dependence on charity are now clear – even here in Fareham. 

Awareness of poverty realities in a Britain wrecked by austerity, by free-market madness, lax regulation, and Brexit, seems not to trouble the blinkered governing party.   

Liberal Democrat candidates – Gerry Drabble and Jimmy Roberts – campaigning to represent the communities of Hill Head and Stubbington – find that doorstep discussions reveal deep concern now that the consequences of Conservative priorities cannot be denied.

Gerald Drabble is a long-term resident of Hill Head and is deeply aware of many local issues impacting on community wellbeing.  Considering the Cost-of-Living pressures, he says, Radical solutions to inequalities may be contentious but policy failures must not be ignored.”

Jimmy Roberts is actively working to raise local priorities and resist central government edicts that would further weaken the local environment.  “Much of my daily work as a local Councillor will be concerned with listening to, and caring for, the very real concerns of local people.”

Emma Revie, chief executive of the Trussell Trust – the UK’s largest food bank network – spoke of the Chancellor’s Spring Statement, “[His] decision has created a real-terms cut to social security payments, which remain dangerously insufficient.”

*Foodbank monthly usage data is typically detailed for two general categories of referrals (Families & ‘Single/Couple’) from Social Services, Health Care, and other professionals.  Data is not available from all eight food banks, but indications are that Single/Couple referrals have recently risen slightly faster than referrals for Families.  Foodbank missions reach across communities and are generally politically non-aligned.

Your Lib Dem champions

Lib Dems are fighting every seat in Fareham in the local elections. As the only credible opposition to the Tories, we aim to strengthen our team on the Council to fight for YOU. See below for your local candidate.


David Hamilton joined the Lib Dems because he admired the party’s work for Fareham people and wants to help our team on the Council. David has lived in Fareham since 2015. He has a career in insurance, his wife runs a small business locally. With two school-age children, he understands the needs of working families.

Read more about David Hamilton


Ciaran Urry-Tuttiett has lived in Portchester/Fareham his whole life and now lives in Funtley.  He is standing for Fareham North.  Ciaran is deeply committed to local communities and will work to keep our places safe, clean, and friendly.

Read more about Ciaran


Pauline Galea has lived in Hill Park for 19 years, and Fareham and surrounding areas for 20+ years.  Whilst Chair of Governors for St Columba primary school, I assisted with the conversion to an academy. Pauline is involved with Titchfield Festival Theatre and is standing to represent the Borough Council seat of Fareham North-West.

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Jim Palmer is standing for Fareham South, having lived in Fareham for over 30 years.  Following a career in the Royal Navy, Jim has taken a keen interest in giving back to his local community, running a community hub to provide a safe place to meet and much needed support. He has a particular interest in the environmental impact of vehicles and is a keen supporter of improved cycle routes and pedestrian areas.

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Rowena Palmer is standing for Fareham West, having lived in the area for over 34 years. With broad experience of volunteering locally, including with the school PTA, community hub and the local SSAFA group for over 30 years, Rowena is passionate about protecting green spaces and campaigns to fight against uncontrolled urbanisation.

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Gerald Drabble has lived in Hill Head for just over 20 years. A widower, he has brought up two children, who both attended local schools and local activities.  Gerald volunteers at QA Hospital on a small committee which oversees end-of-life care.  On housing issues, Gerald says, “I do not want to see Hill Head, or the surrounds, become a concrete jungle.  We must maintain the strategic gap between this area and Fareham”

Read more about Gerald Drabble


Darren Alderson-Hall lived in Locks Heath throughout his childhood and returned to settle in the area over 8 years ago. Having worked for the NHS for over 10 years, Darren serves as a team leader on the front line.  He is passionate about the most vulnerable in society and is standing to represent Locks Heath.

Read more about Darren


Graham Everdell has lived with his family in Park Gate since 2003 and is standing for Fareham Council’s Park Gate seat. With his three sons at university and college, and now retired from a career in financial services, Graham is seeking the opportunity to positively influence how Fareham Council serves all residents of the Borough.

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Chrissie Bainbridge has lived in Portchester for 16 years.  Having worked in the transport Industry for 40 years, Chrissie is keen to bring her wealth of experience to forge improvements in life quality and opportunities, green spaces and community well-being.

Paul Nother – having lived in Portchester for 16 years, I’m following in my late father’s footsteps – he was a committee member in the first Portchester Community Association before it moved to the Hub in the Precinct. I want to be able to support our community as he did, to make sure your concerns & issues are listened to and be acted upon.  Making Portchester viable for the local community, aspiring new residents & for incoming business, is key to funding improvements for the future including our commitments to Climate & Housing.

Read more about Chrissie and Paul


Ashley Brown has lived locally for the past 38 years. With three sons all attending state schools, he enjoys being an active member of the community.  Ashley seeks to be elected in Portchester West so he can work to make the necessary changes to address our local environment, climate change and a prosperous borough for employment opportunities.

Read more about Ashley Brown


John Hughes has lived in Lower Swanwick for the last 6 years but traces his local connections way back to a Saturday job in the local boat yard. With one of his children attending the excellent Sarisbury Infant School, John is standing to represent the local community on Fareham Borough Council.

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Jimmy Roberts is standing to represent Stubbington at Fareham Borough Council.   Well known within these local communities, Jimmy is actively working to raise local priorities and resist central government edicts that would further weaken the local environment.

Read more about Jimmy Roberts


Sandra Abrams is standing for Titchfield Common. Having lived in Fareham for over 15 years and with broad experience in local politics, Sandra is keen to fight against Government plans to increase urbanisation in our area, protecting our environment and ensuring accessibility to good quality community services

Read more about Sandra


Justin Grimley’s family have lived and shopped in Fareham for over twenty years.  With children at good local schools, Justin believes that as a local councillor for Titchfield he can contribute great experience to the community and encourage organisations to work together for the wellbeing of all.

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John Murray has lived in Warsash since being an undergraduate student at the University of Southampton. Having worked in the NHS, and with numerous family members there, he has a real interest in healthcare and health data. He represents the community at his GP practice’s patient participation group. Other interests include local amateur dramatics music gigs.

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