Lib Dems force review of parking charges

A special meeting of Fareham’s Health and Public Safety Scrutiny Panel has been called at the request of Lib Dems to examine the decision to impose parking charges at Portchester Car Parks.

The meeting on Wednesday, August 18, follows a request from Lib Dem Councillors Roger Price and Jean Kelly, supported by independent Geof Fazackarley.

They argue that the decision by the Executive member for Public Protection was taken without proper consultation.

Roger and Jean say:

i. The Executive Member did not consider fully people’s rights to attend his
decision day.
ii’ The effect of charging was not fully considered in how it would affect the
continuance of the long-standing Portchester Gala which is when all the groups
come together with residents annually.
iii. Did not consider higher charges for coaches so that car parking could be free.
iv. Did not explain how there was increased costs for issuing 3- or 6-month season
tickets compared with 12 month season tickets.
v. Gave no consideration to volunteers who give their time freely for the church,
sailing club and scouts and wiil now have to pay for that pleasure.

The implementation of the decision stands suspended at least until the matter has been reviewed by the Scrutiny Panel.

lf Wednesday’s meeting decides the matter requires further consideration by the Executive
Member for Health and Public Protection, then the decision stands adjourned until that

Stand up to planning diktat

Lib Dems on Fareham Council refused to endorse the revised Local Plan, which is based on The Tory Government’s order to Fareham to meet hugely increased housing targets.

The revised plan now includes huge housing allocations at Newlands Farm and Oakcroft Lane in the Strategic Gap. And another on land west of Downend Road, with a new access on and off the Junction 11 link road.

Lib Dem Planning and Development spokesman Jim Forrest says: “The Lib Dem group refused to recommend the revised plan for consultation. We believe the Council should have stuck with the the plan we agreed as recently as December 2019. That plan had some unpalatable features, but it was based on sound research by our local planning team, not on diktat by Ministers and Whitehall bureaucrats who don’t know our area.”

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