Shameful Suella!

Suella’s second Q&A session on Brexit was shameful!  I had expected a grown up, balanced review of Brexit in keeping with the closeness of the referendum vote.  Instead we were lambasted with a torrent of ERG propaganda which could be summarised as “It’ll be alright on the night”.  I am afraid this is no longer good enough from our MP as this just emphasises the split in the whole country because it dismisses almost half the population.  This superficial populist view was loudly applauded by most of the audience even as she highlighted the dangers of populist movements in Europe!

The government’s own analysis that any Brexit is bad for the economy was simply denied.  This may be valid provided some evidence and analysis is offered in support of the denial.  Is she claiming that projections by the Government, the Treasury, the OBR, the Bank of England, the IFS, the World Bank and even the US treasury are ALL wrong?  If so, it needs some justification. How is she allowed to get away with this?

Attendees coming to the meeting were asked to submit any questions beforehand and then some would be selected to be asked at the meeting.  Questions selected included “When will remainer MPs stop prevaricating?” and “Is the ERG putting its own interests ahead of the country’s?”.  Hardly challenging and almost as if she had selected them herself!  Questions on the economy and world trade, the Northern Ireland backstop were simply not selected.

My (and your) taxes are paying Suella’s salary. I would like our representative to THINK and not simply spout leave propaganda. I want to know the impact of this key decision on myself, my children and my country.  This session failed to deliver.

Suella – Our ‘Militant’ MP

Suella Braverman is a senior member of the European Research Group, led by Jacob Rees-Mogg, who are pushing for us to leave without a deal, a crash out Brexit. A Tory Minister, Richard Harrington MP, has called ERG members “traitors” saying they should quit and join Nigel Farage’s party instead.  ERG do seem to be the Tory’s version of Militant or Momentum – a party within a party.

In the 2016 advisory referendum more people voted to Leave than to Remain but the margin was small, less than 4%. The withdrawal agreement that Mrs May’s Tory government has reached with the EU is quite extreme enough in that it means we withdraw from the Single Market and the Customs Union – definitively leaving the EU – but it is not extreme enough for our MP.

Suella with Jacob Rees-Mogg

Suella now chooses to believe that we should accept the most extreme version of Brexit. However we don’t have to guess what the electorate meant by ‘Leave’ because they were asked shortly afterwards (July 2016) – and two thirds said the highest priority was staying in the Single Market.

Our Tory MEP, Dan Hannan, said during the campaign that “Absolutely nobody is talking about threatening our place in the Single Market”

Suella held a 2nd Q&A session on Brexit on 1st March after being mocked (by Jennifer Saunders amongst others) over her first Q&A. The event was heavily stage managed and the  questions were screened beforehand.

We were reassured that under a No Deal Brexit there would be no problem with medicines despite a questioner having been told by a pharmacist and a doctor that supply couldn’t be guaranteed.

We were told that it was too difficult to come up with a question for a referendum on the results of the Brexit negotiations.

No questions were taken on Brexiteers assurances during the referendum that a free trade agreement with the EU would be “the easiest in history”, that “we hold all the cards” or that “there will be no downside to Brexit, only a considerable upside”.

No questions were taken on the fines meted out to organisations that campaigned for Leave 

The meeting was mostly polite although some booed or cried ‘shame’ when Suella referred to the BBC as the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation.

Reform Council Tax, say Lib Dems

Councillors Roger Price and Jim Forrest

Fareham’s Council Tax is to rise beyond the inflation rate for the fourth year running.

The council meeting on February 20 agreed a Council Tax of £160.22 per Band D property for 20190-20, a  rise of £5 compared to the current year.

Lib Dem councillors reluctantly supported the rise to prevent cuts in services. But group leader Roger Price urged the Council to consider other means of raising finance.

His deputy JIm Forrest called on the Council to lobby the Westminster government for changes to make the tax system fairer.

You can see their speeches in the Budget debate here:

Roger Price

Jim Forrest