Climate emergency

Fareham Council unanimously backed this motion put forward by the Liberal Democrats to tackle the Climate Emergency. Click on the headlines below to see how Fareham residents are responding.

Climate action plans take shape

Will Fareham Council’s vehicles go veggie? One of the ideas to reduce the town’s carbon footprint.

The Safe and sustainable road

Hampshire County Council is seeking comments on local walking and cycling issues as part of a county-wide consultation. Help make our roads safer as well as greener.

Use it or lose it

Help fight climate change by taking part in our recycling survey.

Let’s confront reality

Lib Dems have a strong policy on Climate Change – but what must we do to make it stronger?

Minors are future majors

Young people really do know better about climate change. They will, one hopes, not be fooled as their parents have been fooled.

Should we be blooming wild?

Our road verges and open spaces can help fight climate change.

Floating on the current

As a maritime community, what are we doing about the climate change that’s so evident around our shores? Electric boats, anyone?

What car?

Is going electric really the only option for sustainable private transport?

Bringing back the Bees

How your lawn can help save the planet.

Ruling the waves?

Why our coastline is being washed away.

Open letter to the County Council

It is simply irresponsible for Hampshire not to bring forward its net zero carbon target to 2030

Off yer bike!

Where’s the logic in blocking cycle trips to recycle?

Green shoots on climate change?

Where is Whitehall’s strategy on the climate emergency?

Time to rethink planning priorities

It’s not the time to crash on with a plan based on pre-pandemic ideas.

3 thoughts on “Climate emergency

  1. Re Galoot’s car problem. S/he avoids the question of whether personal transport solutions will stay as they are. This may be true for the next decade or two but after that, can the planet afford it?

  2. I use citric acid and bicarb across my home instead of commercial cleaners. I buy them locally ihn cardboard boxes. They do the job without the need for new plastic bottles or large quantities of water being transported across the country for me.

  3. Here’s a thought for your cardboard drinks cartons, which can only be recycled at the tip – at present that means making an appointment and burning fuel while you queue. Fill them from your waterbutt while it’s raining, then store them alongside (easy, since they’re conveniently brick-shaped to make a neat pile). Then you’ll be able to water your plants in hot weather without using a wasteful hosepipe. Using the weather to beat the weather – that’s a win-win.

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