Homes and Infrastructure in Hampshire

The Conservative record:

  • Developers allowed to build, build, build with little thought given to providing infrastructure.
  • Schools, health facilities and road improvements often follow years after housing.
  • Roads and pavements collapsing: pavement resurfacing down to once in every 252 years.
  • Bus services axed
  • Rural school transport ended for our youngest children.

The Lib Dem alternative:

  • Rethink development and new homes, working with district councils to ensure infrastructure comes flrst, with the right homes in the right places.
  • Backing Green Belts, such as in South Hants, to allow our communities and wildlife space to breathe and move.
  • Bringing forward investment in sustainable transport
  • Integrating rail and bus seryices
  • Supporting buses and improved community transport
  • A County-wide plan for electric charging points.