Green policies? It’s what we do

As this autumn’s Climate Change conference in Glasgow approaches, politicians of all shades are eagerly parading green credentials. It’s worth remembering what Lib Dems DID for the environment during the Coalition Government of 2010-2015.

(And what we have done and continue to do in Fareham, as set our in our Climate Emergency pages.)

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Portchester car parks Traffic Regulation order.

Council ‘Call in’ meeting of executive member decision No 2291 – Portchester car parks Traffic Regulation order.

At 6.00p.m. on Wednesday 18th August 2021, there was a council meeting of the Health and Public Protection Scrutiny Panel, called in to determine whether or not to accept the decision to implement the charges, or to request that the executive member reconsiders the decision, giving reasons for such a request.

The “Call In” was requested because we, your Portchester East councillors, felt that five points had not been fully considered, these were, briefly,

  1. Lack of publicity surrounding the public’s right to attend the decision,
  2. The lack of fully considering the effect on the long-standing Portchester Gala and the use of the car parking areas.
  3. The lack of exploring alternative revenue from higher coach charges.
  4. Why 3- or 6- month season tickets could not be considered and why these should incur increased costs.
  5. Gave no consideration to volunteers who will have to pay to continue volunteering for St. Mary’s Church, the Sailing Club and the scouts, amongst others.

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Lib Dems force review of parking charges

A special meeting of Fareham’s Health and Public Safety Scrutiny Panel has been called at the request of Lib Dems to examine the decision to impose parking charges at Portchester Car Parks.

The meeting on Wednesday, August 18, follows a request from Lib Dem Councillors Roger Price and Jean Kelly, supported by independent Geof Fazackarley.

They argue that the decision by the Executive member for Public Protection was taken without proper consultation.

Roger and Jean say:

i. The Executive Member did not consider fully people’s rights to attend his
decision day.
ii’ The effect of charging was not fully considered in how it would affect the
continuance of the long-standing Portchester Gala which is when all the groups
come together with residents annually.
iii. Did not consider higher charges for coaches so that car parking could be free.
iv. Did not explain how there was increased costs for issuing 3- or 6-month season
tickets compared with 12 month season tickets.
v. Gave no consideration to volunteers who give their time freely for the church,
sailing club and scouts and wiil now have to pay for that pleasure.

The implementation of the decision stands suspended at least until the matter has been reviewed by the Scrutiny Panel.

lf Wednesday’s meeting decides the matter requires further consideration by the Executive
Member for Health and Public Protection, then the decision stands adjourned until that