Fly tipping behind Argos removed!

However, already begun again? In October, residents of Moresby Court in Westbury Road asked me to ‘do something’ about the unsightly mess in the loading bay behind the closed Argos store.
I contacted our Enforcement Team, expectIng it to be removed within a few days.

WRONG! As it is on private land, not Fareham Borough Council land, it was not the responsibility of our Streetscene team to remove it!
I refused to take that for an answer and insisted that the firm now responsible for that land be asked to clear it straight away. 
It has taken too long for that to happen, despite the efforts of our Enforcement officer, but AT LAST, it has been cleared.

Sadly I found an abandoned sleeping bag there as the ‘photo shows. It was mostly dry, so cannot have been there long. I put it on the wall.

Greedy Land Grab

Developers have published a proposal to build 200 homes on land between the old and new routes of Newgate Lane South.

They say it would “provide a natural extension” to homes proposed east of the new road in Fareham’s Draft Local Plan.

But under that draft Local Plan, the land west of the new road remains part of the strategic gap separating Stubbington from Fareham.

The land on which Fareham Council is proposing to allow up to 475 homes under its revised plan is itself being sliced from the strategic gap as it was agreed under the original Local Plan in 2015.

Stubbington Councillor Jim Forrest – pictured with resident Lesley Davies – says: “The old part of Newgate Lane has just been restored to its country lane character – we’ll fight to keep it that way. This new proposal from developers, on top of what Fareham Council has already suggested, is just plain greedy.”

No planning application has yet been submitted for the suggested new homes, but we’ll let you know if one appears

New fence plan causes offence

Residents in Hill Head have been deeply angered by an application to erect a two metre fence round  part of the open space between Springfield Way, Dallington Close and Mulberry Avenue.

The green has been enjoyed by everyone for decades since the estate was built, but there are reports that part of the land was recently sold at auction.

Agents for the applicants say they want the fence to prevent vandalism, anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping, which would be to the detriment of the area.

Councillor Jim Forrest says: “I don’t recall any of these issues arising in this space in the 25 years I’ve lived in Hill Head. A fence would be of permanent detriment to the area, destroying the view and preventing lawful use.

“This explanation insults residents’ intelligence.”

Jim, who is Lib Dem spokesman on planning and development, adds: “This could have worying implications for Fareham as a whole. I will be making inquiries about the sale of this land and about planning agreements relating to it.

“Residents should be entitled to a clear picture of whether land around them is public open space, or just permissive space which can be closed off.”