Vision for Fareham

Mission Statement

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

We commit to working with all parties to serve the residents of Fareham while promoting liberal democratic policies and values in the Borough.

Policy Headlines

1. A Fairer Fareham

We will promote democratic change in the running of council affairs.

We will work to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society.

2. A Safer Fareham

We will campaign to:

 i) increase Police numbers and council enforcement officers and

 ii) support a community anti-crime fund.

3. A Cleaner Fareham

We want to protect and enhance our green spaces, reduce pollution, promote recycling and provide a healthy environment for all.

4. A Caring Fareham

We will work with Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commission Group and Public Health England, to enhance services and improve access to them.

5. Well-planned Fareham

We believe new building should be on brownfield and existing consented sites before Greenfield land is developed.

Fareham Liberal Democrat Vision – What we seek to do


  • Work for a better balance between services and council tax, protecting essential services.
  • Seek to change the council executive structure to a committee system. This will allow full and open discussion and disperse power, enabling citizens to take partmore easily in decision making.
  • Call for more frequent Community Action Team meetings, which the council has cut to once or twice a year. This will promote more meaningful, genuine discussion with residents.
  • Support the foundation of Local Area (Parish) Councils across the Borough.
  • We will continue to ensure consultations are properly worded and scrutinised.


  • Campaign for tax-payers money to be spent locally, with more Police officers on the ground, replacing distant Police Commissioners.
  • Promote the use of a ‘Police Forum’ to talk directly with residents across the Borough on local issues.
  • Support schemes such as ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ and ‘Local Speed Watch’


  • Remove tip charges for bulky waste for domestic households, making it free of charge to domestic users and available 7 days a week, in our efforts to prevent fly – tipping.
  • Promote regular public panels, advising the council on how to make the town greener and more plastic free.
  • Ensure our Marine and Coastal environment is protected and embraced in any local plans.
  • Continue to support campaigns to remove litter from our streets and green spaces.


  • Work collaboratively with Hampshire County Council and other agencies to ensure better integration of health and social care.
  • Demand adequate funding for mental health and substance misuse services. We need increased funding for the Child and Mental Health Campaign.
  • Lobby for increased funding for children with Special Needs.
  • We believe that children’s centres should be reinstated.
  • We will seek to provide regular Youth facilities which should be genuinely inclusive and in each and every part of the borough
  • Fight for a bus service to the Community Hospital.
  • Press for better, safe cycling and pedestrian routes.                                      

A well-planned Fareham

  • Work with developers and neighbouring councils to address the shortage of affordable homes and social rented properties.
  • Look favourably on well-designed developments, which are energy efficient and up to four storey residential units, where in keeping with the surrounding area, in order to counterbalance falling Government standards.
  • All properties should have access to high quality internet access and sufficient parking provision for residents and visitors, with electric charging points wherever possible.
  • Seek reasons why planning consents have not all resulted in building starting. Campaign for a one year start up time limit for new developments.
  • Seek consultation and innovative ideas for revitalising and refurbishing the town centre and the local shopping areas across the borough.
  • Protect and enhance our green spaces, reduce pollution, promote recycling and provide a healthy environment for all our residents.
  • Homelessness should not be a problem in 21st Century Fareham. We must create more hostel space, ensure the homeless have access to lockers and support programmes like “Hope in Action” to get them back on their feet and offer a fresh start.                             
Council Responsibilities Fareham Borough Council is accountable for Waste Collection, Housing, Planning, Licensing and providing local services and facilities, such as sports centres, parks and gardens, playing fields and car parks. Hampshire County Council is accountable for Education and Learning, Health and Social Care, Transport and Highways, which includes pavements and their trees, Rights of Way and disposal of waste from their tips.
Liberal Democrat Hampshire It’s time for a change at Hampshire. The Conservatives have cost you more and delivered less, slashing vital services while spending money on bureaucracy, consultants and glossy reports. Our roads and pavements are in decay. One in ten parents fails to get the school of their choice for their child. Social care is in crisis. Promises of broadband for all, green energy schemes and extra Care places have been broken. Hampshire deserves better. It’s time for a Liberal Democrat-led Fareham Borough Council and Hampshire County Council.